February 26, 2020

‘Aisa Kaisay Hosaktaa Hai’

‘Aisa Kaisay Hosaktaa Hai’

A beautiful account of yester year’s by Mohammed Akmaluddin Husain Bhai

Down Memory Lane.

Am I hearing ‘Aisa Kaisay Hosaktaa Hai’ .

1) US $ -Rs6.75 according to novels I use to buy. (Mid 70s).
2) Cabury Milk Chocolate Rs.2. Five Star for Re. 1 and Rs. 2. mid 60s to early 70s).
3) Petrol in 1977 Rs.3.50 (Appr). In 1970 I can remember it was 0.62 paise.
4) Sugar Rs.2/- in 1978.
5) Masala Dosa in Taj was 65 paisa in 1971. 80 Paisa in 1974. In 1976 it was Rs.1.10 To economise We used to order Plain Dosa costing 80 paisa.Idli 50 paisa .Wada 60paisa.
6) Comics: Phantom Re.1/-. Tarzan , Laurel & Hardy 5P Rs.1.50, 6P Rs.1.90, 7P Rs.2.25 , 8P Rs.2.55 0nly ( P means Pence) These were the varying prices as per batch and advancing years;1973 to 1976. Goldkey around Rs.1.50. Tin Tin, Asterix Quoted 40P and costed Rs.8/-. An interesting fact is the prices of comics and paperbacks were different.The Sterling Pound had different values for them. For instance Enid Blyton, Alfred Hitchcock had a sticker price of 20 P But was available for Rs.4/-.I bought some books for Rs.3.50/-(17.5P) and for Rs.5/-(25P).The Pound was Rs.20 for paperbacks and Rs.32/- for comics. Strange isn’t it.
7) Bun Maska at John’s 50 paise. Just sweet Bun 35 paise. With Taj ice-cream bandi orange-bar costed 50 Paise,Choco-bar Re.1/- The vendor named Aziz used to complain that he makes only 5 Paise selling orange-bar and he makes 20 Paise on choco-bar,so it makes better sense for him to sell choco-bar.Ice cream stick costed 10 Paise.
😎 School Fees Rs.34/- only, St. George’s Grammar School.
9) Notebook 100 Pages 40 Paise, 200 Pages 60 Paise in 1971 and in 1975 costed 60 Paise and Re. 1/- respectively. Oxford Dictionary in 1971 costed Rs. 6/-. I can remember buying a Civics book for Re. 1- in 1971. Quink Ink costed Re !/- and Camel Ink 80 Paise in 1972.
10) Baraf ka gola with Khova 15 Paise in glass, and a generous helping of khova 25 Paise and liquid khova 10 Paise. Baraf ka gola on stick dipped in liquid khova 5 Paise. After 3.30 PM Parchute baraf ka gola (Half portion dipped in khova and the other half sprinkled with sweet liquid colour) used to be sold, Hold your breath pals…..2 for 5 Paise. The best part was unlimited helpings of sweet liquid color in the 5 Paise catagory…Wow.
11) Haircut in late 60s was Re. 1 , in a renowned hair cutting shop – Coronation Hair dressers on James Street. Any exotic haircut in 1976/77 at Alexander Rs. 2.50 and Majestick Rs. 2.25.
12) Cricket Bat Rs. 20/- in 1971 and Rs. 50/- in 1974. Both of good make. Cricket ball Rs.5/- and cork ball for Rs.3/- in 1974. Cork ball of not so good quality Rs.2/- in 1973 bought at Amin Trader, Chaderghat School lane thanks to a friend- Mohammed Hussain Of Femina.
13) A mini flavoured supari a favourite of myself and many many others was available for …. yes one paisa. Other flavoured suparis like Jhankar, Upkar, Milan , Sadhana were available for 10 paise each in 60s and 70s.
14) Bus fares. During my early schooldays – NCI Educational Institute. I was in this school during my primary schooldays. This premier institution/school situated in Himayatnagar was jointly owned by Ms. Nundy my grandmother’s best friend. My sister Saadath being first five students alongwith her best friend Shaheen Hasan, Siraj Attari… and other family friends. The bus fare ( 65-68) my sister use to give was 7 paise as half-ticket for me from Ranigunj (Secunderabad to Liberty). From there rickshaw fare was of 15 paise for a distance of half a mile to our School. in 1973 From Ranigunj to SBH to reach SGGS I paid 15 paise (half ticket). In 1974 the fair was raised to 20 paise much to my and friends protest. In 1975 started paying full ticket of 40 paise from Abids GPO to Welfare Centre, Masab Tank and was still trying best to get half ticket arguing we students are eligible for this.
15) Fees in NCI Educational Institute was Rs. 18/- per month and was termed really high. Many of of my relatives, I can recall use to say we were studying in ‘Baday Logon ka School’, same comments regarding fees for SGGS too.
16) 1977. During ISC exams Friend Hashim Raza Khan (a stalwart of ISC exams) and Aijaz introduced me and other friends to smoking. Gold Flake costed Rs. 4 for a pack of tens, Wills Kingsize, Rs. 3 for ten, Wills Navy cut Rs.2 for a pack of tens, Benson and Hedges, Dunhill, Rothmans, 555 use to cost Rs. 10 to 12 depending on availability in the market for a pack of 20s. Stopped smoking after 3 years after getting a terrific scoldings from my parents and uncles.
17) Double knit trouser piece costed Rs.250. A fabulous amount then for a good type or fancy fabric trouser. Stitching for a trouser was Rs. 50/- and shirt Rs. 12/ as charged by renowned Elegant Tailor (James Street). On 1975 got a blazer stitched at Volga Tailors opp. SBH, Gunfoundry for Rs. 150/- and 3 piece suit at Elegant Taylors in 1978 for Rs. 325. In 1980 got 3 piece suit stitched at Amul Tailors by ex- master of John Burton for Rs. 350.
18) Audio cassette Sony, TDK or Maxell, BASF brand retailed in Hyderabad for Rs. 45-Rs. 50. I was shocked when i discovered a pack of 10 cassettes in Jeddah during our Haj of 1981 costed 50 SaudiRiyals in Indian Rupees this translated to Rs. 125. This means a cassette should have costed Rs. 12.50 only. Bought Sharp model 9292 stereo cassette recorder for Rs. 5000/- in 1980 discovered it was costing 500 Saudi Riyals in 1981. The later model 9696 was available for 700 Saudi Riyals. Bought Technics Stereo sound system model SA 370 for 1400 Saudi Riyals and Riyal being Rs. 2.50., and paid duty of 155% at Sahar Airport. Got an offer in then Bombay for Rs. 16000 thru Aziz Mirza my Father’s friend’s son and Rs. 20000 Hyderabad.
19) Numaish. Ticket costed around 10 paisa in 70s and 20 paise in 80s.
Vanilla ice-cream cone Re.1 and strawberry ice-cream cone Rs. 1.10, Pista Rs. 1.30. at Lords. Chat be it Bhelpuri, Pani-puri, Ragda, Mirchis (3 nos) till early 80s. costed Re. 1 per plate.
20) Till early 80s. Bandi Panipuri 4 for 25 paise, same for Ragda Pattice till early 80s. Myself and my cousin Dr. Salman use to walk or ride a bicycle to Shaam Talkies about 2 miles from my house for an extra Pani-puri as the bandiwala was generous and always use to give 5 for 25 paise. Mirchis just on the main road about 50 metres from my place were 5 for Re. 1 for others and for those coming from my house 6 for Re. 1. Biryani was Rs. 3.50 at Meer Cafe almost meatless with just one piece, Rs. 5/ at Opera, near Secretariat and Rs. 5.50 at Samera Restaurant and Mughal Durbar, Rs.5.50. Tea at Restaurant in Hotel Dwaraka 45 paise and we use to frequent Hotel Krishna to have tea for 40 paise both at Lakdikapul in late seventies and early eighties, during graduation days.
21) Kites in 1970 to 1975 costed 10 Paise for size 6, 12 Paise for size 5, 15 Paise for size adda. Prices use to go up by almost 50% to 75% very near to or on Sankranti. Manja costed 15 Paise to 40 Paise per gheeti or unit depending on the quality and the retailers and the bigger unit was for 50 Paise. Plain thread of best quality having brand name of Chain and Gun was 1.50. for 300 metres. The 900 metre spindle costed Rs. 4/- .
22) Theatre tickets in 1974 – 75 – 76 costed Re. 1, Rs. 1.80, Rs. 2.50 and the balcony / dress circle Rs. 3.50. in a/c theatres . Sangeet, Royal, Ramakrishna were pricier. The first class costing Rs. 3/- and the dress circle Rs. 4/-

Courtesy: Akmal’s Chronicle.
Pic : An iconic pic of Abids road of 1930’s

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